Our work so far > Underground
Our work so far > Underground
Rome Metro Line C – Piazza Venezia Station


Metro C S.c.p.A.


Concept and Preliminary design


Rome – Italy


Line C is the third line of the Rome metro system and it is one of the greatest project in Italy of the recent years, connecting the North-west with the South-East side of the city. The first section, comprising 21 new stations, were opened in 2015. A three further stations are currently under construction, from San Giovanni to Fori Imperiali-Colosseo passing through Amba Aradam station. Piazza Venezia is an additional station located in the historic city center. In 2009, during preliminary excavation works, remains of what has been identified as emperor Hadrian’s Athenaeum were found. The sensitivity of the area from an archaeological point of view is causing several technical difficulties in the construction phase. The excavation is 110×41.7m2 large. It will be supported by a 1.2m thick concrete diaphragms having a length of 55m. Internal horizontal support is provided by nine slabs which will be cast in place during the top-down excavation in order to improve the stability and to limit the disturbance to the adjacent historical building. Moreover, the project includes two escalators, one on S. Apostoli Street and another one closeby Palazzo Venezia.