CODING has always set itself the goal of improving quality and respecting the environment related to the design activity, carried out mainly in the field of civil engineering and in particular in the field of infrastructures. The relationship with entities and companies has required since 2004 the achievement of the necessary requirements for qualification in the register of suppliers with the aim of creating, maintaining and improving a Quality and Environment System compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO14001. The improvement translates into a periodic review of the activities carried out by CODING through management checks.


The company’s objectives are:

  • Understand how our market sector is developing and be constantly updated.
  • Pursue customer satisfaction in all projects through knowledge of their needs
  • Bringing innovation to the sector
  • Respect the enviroment
  • Maintain legislative compliance
  • Containment in the production of solid waste


The company’s commitments are:

  • Maintain the effectiveness of the qualification in the registers where it is required
  • Remember that our first and irreplaceable resource is people with their experience and expertise
  • Bringing customer expectations into our team
  • Keep the company Quality and Environment System active, effectively and efficiently
  • Confirm the commitment to reduce the use of resources (electricity, water consumption).

To achieve the objectives and keep the commitments, the maximum involvement and collaboration of all personnel is required; the management, therefore, undertakes to provide all the support for the continuous improvement of the activities.