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Pioneering Engineering Excellence Globally for Over Four Decades.
Crafting Innovative Solutions Across Structures, Infrastructures and Environments with a Commitment to Quality and Client satisfaction.

As a design and engineering firm established in 1984 in Rome, Italy,
CODING offers comprehensive services across the entire engineering spectrum, including feasibility studies, detailed design, supervision of works, and preparation of tender documents.

Specializing in structural and infrastructural engineering, buildings, special works, environmental engineering, architectural design and more,
CODING caters to international projects worldwide.

Our quality management system is aligned with ISO 9001 standards.

of Railways

major civil works

railway and subway station

Saudi Landbridge Railway Project – Section 2 – 271-1260 km

المدرسة القرآنية الجديدة, Hannacha, ALGERIA

Plurimodal Adriatic Corridor - National Road S.S. 275

Connection Road between "Due Mari" and "Medio Savuto" National Roads

National Road S.S. 655 "Bradanica" - "Della Martella" Section

Hrvatski Leskovac – Karlovac Railway Section - Upgrade and Detailed of Second Track (Croatia)

Oman National Railway Project - Segment 3: Fahud - Haima - Al Duqm

Detailed Design of Saudi Landbridge Railway, Section 2, from km 271 to Jubail/Dammam – Blue Corridor

Iran - Qom-Arak High Speed Railway Line

Esenboga Airport Rail System Connection Engineering Services

Metro Dubai Route 2020

Rome Metro Line C - "Piazza Venezia" Station

Rome Metro Lince C - Shaft n.3.3

Rome Metro Line C - Amba Aradam Station

Rome Metro Line C - “Gardenie” Station

Rome Metro Line C - “Mirti” Station

Rome Metro Line C - “Torre Maura” Station

Rome Metro Line C - Giardinetti Launching Shaft

Rome Metro Line C - Pigneto Station

Rome Metro Line B1 – "Conca D'oro" Launching Shaft

Rome Metro Line B1 – “S. Agnese/Annibaliano” Station

Underground parking in Piacenza

Lodz-Widzew Railway Connection (Poland)

Railway Line Verona - Montebello Vicentino

Ruvo-Corato Upgrade of Railway Line

Vignale-Domodossola - Modernization and Upgrading of the Railway Line

People Mover (Grts) - Leonardo Da Vinci Airport Fiumicino (Rome)

Extension of the "Vertical Connection – Molo C“ Fiumicino Airport

Modernization and Extension of the "Runway End Safety Area“ Pantelleria Airport

Sassari Police Station

"Istituto Superiore di Sanità " Rome.

"De Amicis" School, L'Aquila

Firefighter Station di L'aquila

Waste to energy plant - Albano Laziale

Cement production Plant - Spoleto

Limestone quarry - Spoleto

Courthouse - Seismic Retrofit

Giosuè’ Carducci Schoolhouse - Sismic Retrofit

SCHOOLHOUSE - Seismic Retrofit

Parco San Paolo Metro Station - Naples

Engineering Service of the new Central Station - Algiers

Naples – Bari high- speed railway line – Napoli-Cancello section

Roma-Pescara Railway line

Petro Baraka


SS192 Laurenzana

Railway Line Mefsoukh-Mohammadia


“Sante Laria” Finance Police headquarter

Regione Lazio Parliament building

Avezzano Schoolhouse – Seismic Retrofit

Genova Deposito Monorotaia

Stazione di Vicenza

Milano Porta Romana

Hub di Pompei

Pietrarsa Museo e Stazione


Stazione di Santa Marinella

Stazione di Milazzo

Stazione di Palermo Notarbartolo

Stazione di Palermo Centrale

Santa Maria di Settimo Nuova Fermata

Stazione di Gorizia

Stazione di Monfalcone

Stazione di Pozzuoli

Stazione di Pescara

Stazione di Benevento

Stazione di Legnano

Stazione di Vibo Valentia

Stazione di Belluno

Stazione di Feltre

Stazione di Longarone

Stazione di Sedico

Stazione di Reggio Calabria Lido

Hub di Villa San Giovanni

Stazione di Scalea

Stazione di Merano

Stazione di Trento

Fiera di Roma

Calalzo Stazione

Stazione di Calliano

Stazione di Vandoies

Stazione di Novara

Stazione di Bari Centrale

Hub di Messina Centrale e Marittima

Stazione di Bergamo

Stazione di Lecce

Stazione di Taranto

Stazione di Cropani Marina

Stazione di Rossano

Fermata L2 P. Amedeo

Fermata L2 Mergellina

Fermata L2 p. Cavour

Fermata L2 San Giovanni Barra

Fermata L2 Leopardi

Fermata L2 Pozzuoli

Fermata L2 Gianturco

Fermata L2 Campi Flegrei

Fermata L2 Montesanto

Maddaloni Stazione

Sottostazione Elettrica Caserta

San Michele Nuova Fermata

Fontanelle Nuova fermata

Aci Castello nuova Fermata

Tolentino Campus Nuova fermata

Stazione di Antrodoco

Stazione di Baiano di Spoleto

Tolentino Storica

Stazione di Spoleto

Fabriano Stazione

Stazione di Rieti

Linea Fl2 Roma - 9 stazioni

La Rustica UIR

Stazione di Tirano

Stazione di Lecco

Stazione di Sondrio

Stazione di Colico

Stazione di Teramo

Stazione di Val d'Ala

Golfo Aranci

Stazione di Napoli Centrale

Stazione di Napoli Afragola

Stazione di Verona Porta Vescovo

Stazione di Legnago

Stazione di Genova Pegli

Stazione di Alassio

Stazione di Cogoleto

Stazione di Ferrara

Stazione di Piacenza

Stazione di Capua

Stazione di Siracusa

Stazione di Bolzano

Stazione di Vipiteno

Milano Stazioni Garibaldi-Lancetti-Venezia-Repubblica Sostituzione per fine vita Impianti Traslo-Elevatori

FL3 13 STAZIONI - Sostituzione per fine vita Impianti Traslo-Elevatori

V74W+49, 80146 Napoli NA

Turin railway Stations – Upgrading of the Railway Line

Railway Suppression - Rapolano

Railway Suppresion - Villanova

Railway Suppression - Maddaloni

3 New Railway Stop - Reggio - Melito

Railway Suppression - Pisa

Railway Suppression - Villapiana

Railway Suppression - Benevento km 100+00

Railway Suppression - Mignano

Railway Suppression - Castel San Giorgio

Railway Suppression - Pellezzano

Railway Suppression - Salerno

Railway Suppression - Racalmuto

Railway Suppression - Sparanise

Railway Suppression - Solofra

Railway suppression - Serino

Railway Suppression - Benevento 27 + 022

Railway Suppression - Milano

Railway Suppression - Capua

Railway Suppression - Ciro Marina

Railway Suppression - Buccino

Railway Suppression - Portici

Railway Suppression - Morrovalle

Railway Suppression - Monteprandone

Railway Suppression - Rimini Ravenna

Railway Suppression - Carpi

Railway Suppression - Torre del Greco

Stazione di Alberobello

Stazione di Noci

Stazione di Martina Franca

Stazione di Rutigliano

Stazione di Genova Sanpierdarena

Stazione Genova Piazza Principe


Grand Paris Express

Romanian Railways

Over 40 years of quality and environment policy

Since 2004, CODING has aimed to meet qualification requirements for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, periodically reviewing its activities through management checks.
Our objectives include staying updated on market developments, ensuring customer satisfaction, introducing innovation, environmental responsibility, legislative compliance, and waste reduction.

Commitments involve maintaining qualification effectiveness, valuing personnel, incorporating customer expectations, and ensuring the active and efficient operation of the Quality and Environment System.

The company emphasizes reducing resource usage and seeks the maximum involvement and collaboration of all personnel for continuous improvement.

OUR Ethical Commitment

CODING’s policy aligns with its vision, mission, values, and ethical commitments, emphasizing correctness, professionalism, transparency, and adherence to applicable rules. The company prioritizes quality, environmental protection, worker safety, and social responsibility. Equipped with an Integrated Management System and an Organizational Model, CODING is committed to promoting a business culture that supports environmental protection, anti-corruption, and worker health and safety. The company aims for high standards of quality, innovation, and energy efficiency, and it actively pursues sustainable development.

CODING’s commitments include optimizing business processes, ensuring safe working conditions, mitigating health and safety risks, safeguarding natural resources, and promoting a corporate culture based on integrity and transparency. The policy outlines the company’s dedication to continuous improvement, energy efficiency, and compliance with legislative requirements. Coding commits to not using child or forced labor, respecting workers’ rights, and fostering non-discriminatory practices. The policy emphasizes treating all staff with dignity, complying with labor laws, ensuring fair wages, and maintaining a Social Responsibility Management System aligned with standards such as SA8000.

Additionally, Coding commits to independence in its supervisory activities, maintaining confidentiality, and upholding the principles outlined in its Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. The policy reflects a comprehensive approach to corporate responsibility, emphasizing ethical practices, sustainability, and continuous improvement in various aspects of its operations.

Looking for SOME B.I.M. GuruS?

The transition from 2D to 3D design in engineering, focusing on the evolution of tecnigraph and CAD software. Initially, this shift represented a change in language, from real objects to 2D representations, posing challenges for non-technical users due to complex 3D visions.

The advent of powerful 3D software in the last decade has automated calculations, allowing engineers and architects to concentrate on quality and creativity. This transition has been driven by the pursuit of efficiency and competitiveness. 3D design not only improves project management from initial study to construction but also facilitates quick and accurate cost estimations.

The advantages of 3D design extend to standardization, enabling designs to be stored in accessible databases and streamlining processes. This leads to reduced effort in similar projects and faster work site activities. The text emphasizes the time-saving benefits of 3D software throughout the design process, ensuring optimization and improvement in production and construction phases.

The collaborative synergy between MEP and civil designers is highlighted as crucial for project success, allowing constant feedback exchange. Overall, the adoption of 3D design has transformed the engineering and construction landscape, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and project outcomes.

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