CODING S.r.l. was founded in 1974 with headquarters in Rome, Italy, Via Archimede, 23.
The Company provides consulting and technical assistance on projects and restructuring in any engineering or architectural fields.
CODING S.r.l. operates with the most advanced hardware and software programs for the management of any project , through the three-dimensional forming of the entire architectural /structural of the road corps and with the most advanced technical analysis for structural calculations, quantities and estimations of any works .
The competence of CODING S.r.l. may be sub-divided in the following sectors :

1) Structural and Infrastructural Engineering
In this Sector infrastructural works i.e., roads, railways, underground railway and the constructive works i.e., bridges, viaducts, natural and artificial tunnels are included.
The Company is able to provide complete services in the various projectural phases: feasibility studies, preliminary projects, final projects, executive projects, built-in and as built projects, as well as all necessary documentation i.e., Specifications of Contracts, Bills of Quantity, Estimations, Static Testings and technical Administrative documentations, Security documentations and coordination during the planning phases.

2) Buildings
This Sector includes the complete planning and coordination of structures intended for Industrial Plant and all kind of public and private Buildings either for Civil or Military scope.
CODING S.r.l. has been working for several years with a flexible staff able to adapt to the various complications of the projects with external professional and skilled consultants according to Client requirements and in a full coordination with Clients’ offices.

3) Architecture
In This sector Coding S.r.l. is professionally involved with challenging constructions and is able to identify technical and design solutions from the conceptual study up to the construction phase.
Coding S.r.l. intends to provide the Client with different solutions under all technical, functional and architectural aspects.

4) Geotechnical and Hydraulic engineering
This Sector includes all soil works as soil support, soil strength, ground improvement, underground and hydraulic works.

Coding S.r.l. provide the Clients with different technical solutions and techniques: jet grouting, diaphragms and pole foundations.

Moreover Coding S.r.l. is able to provide hydraulic and hydrological studies to guarantee the best solution in infrastructural works.







CODING is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of engineering.