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Our work so far > Roads & Highways
National Road S.S.655 “Bradanica” – “Della Martella”


Aleandri S.p.A.


Preliminary design / Detailed design Engineering services during construction


Basilicata – Italy


Detailed design and engineering services during the construction of the last section of the national road S.S. 655 “Bradanica” which links Matera city with Foggia city. The alignment is approximately 11.5 kilometer long and the basic section is compliant with type C1 of D.M. 5.11.2001 requirements, with two 3.75m wide lanes and two 1.50m wide shoulders, with a total width of 10.50m. The projects includes the design of access roads, as well as the intersections with existing surrounding road network. The main structures are a steel arch bridge 144m long “Torrente Gravina Bridge” and three pre-stressed concrete viaducts: Santo Stefano Viaduct (6 spans, 176m long), Lama di Pepe II Viaduct (2 spans 56m long) and Lama di Pepe I Viaduct (3 spans 86m long).