Our work so far > Railway Stations
Our work so far > Railway Stations
Bari Central Station






Bari – Italy


2021 - 2023
The project includes the creation of green space that reconnects the neighborhoods today separated by the railroad track bundle, through the creation of an urban park with services to be used by the community and new bicycle and pedestrian paths. Partial pedestrianization of Piazza Aldo Moro, expansion of pedestrian surfaces and creation of bicycle and pedestrian paths on Via Capruzzi are also planned. A new hub for sustainable mobility, an urban park and renovated areas outside Bari Centrale station. The work totaling about 150 million euros will be financed by the PNRR, European and National funds. The new hub will provide users with faster and safer access to the railway system through the efficiency of the intermodal system, enhanced connections between the new passenger building - bridged above the tracks - and the platforms, new lighting and dedicated paths for travelers and citizens.