Our work so far > Railway Stations
Our work so far > Railway Stations
L2 Stop “San Giovanni Barra”






Naples – Italy


2021 - 2023
Coding dealt with the project feasibility and devinitive design of the L2 metro line in Naples in a context of station development as a transport node and service hub. The works are part of the EUR 700 million funding of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for 54 stations in the South. The works, which are architectural, functional and landscaping in nature, will significantly improve the liveability of the areas concerned. The stations that will undergo restyling are San Giovanni Barra, Piazza Cavour, Montesanto, Piazza Amedeo, Mergellina and Piazza Leopardi, which represent key connection points in the urban fabric and areas where much of the city's population and economic and cultural activities are concentrated.