Our work so far > Railway Stations
Our work so far > Railway Stations
Pompei Hub






Pompei– Italy


2019 - 2022
The project is aimed at creating an interchange node between the Naples – Salerno line conventional and the Naples – Sorrento line managed by EAV through the following types of interventions infrastructural: • Insertion of a new stop in the RFI line, consisting of two long side sidewalks equal to 250 m, and by a "bridge" Travelers Building with the function of connecting the two railway platforms, which includes the reuse of the former buildings at ground level Pompei Scavi stop, built before 1840. • Pedestrian interchange path between the new RFI stop and the existing EAV Villa stop of the Mysteries through a pedestrian walkway which, starting from the level of the plate of the RFI stop, will lead, descending with a 7% gradient, to the level of the pedestrian axis of the former Bourbon stop - recovered and repaved - to finally connect with the area pedestrian area where via di Villa dei Misteri joins, which leads to the EAV stop, and where the entrance of Piazza Esedra to the archaeological site of the Pompeii excavations opens. The pedestrian path up to Via Plinio is inserted within a new Urban Park, between the via Masseria Curato overpass and the pedestrian walkway.