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Our work so far > Railway Stations
Messina Train & Ferry Hub






Messina – Italy


2021 - 2022
The Messina Hubs are the main arrival and departure point for passengers heading to the mainland and vice versa, as well as of all goods transported by rail. In the urban layout, the two PVs are located at a nodal point both strategically with respect to the commercial center of the city, but also on an area of historical-archaeological importance fundamental to Messina's history. The falcata area, partially interdicted today because sona military, is such an ancient port that at the beginning of its arm is the Real Cittadella, a Spanish fortress built between 1680 and 1690. Just before the Citadel, where the driveway causeway now descends that crosses the tracks are the remains of the so-called Don Blasco Fort. Next are the Lanterna Lighthouse of San Ranieri (Montorsoli), the San Salvatore Castle and the stele of the Madonna Della Lettera draw the outline of the scythe arch that encloses this portion of the strait. Just as the Maritime Station embraces the bundle of tracks that lie beneath it. The Messina Central and Maritime Stations connect important highway nodes: traffic on road from the Salerno Reggio-Calabria connects on the island to the important Messina- Catania-Palermo, on which the nearest airport, Catania-Fontanarossa "Vincenzo Bellini," while in Calabria to welcome flying passengers is the Reggio Calabria airport "Tito Minniti." The Blu jet fleet collects both of these users, in addition to those ferrying the Strait from Reggio Calabria or Villa San Giovanni on foot, with very high daily influxes even in the low season. The design here was developed on two levels that have as their common denominator the restoration of the historic building, the re-functionalization of some rooms and the implementation of PV accessibility. Each intervention will be tailor-made and aimed at the rediscovery of those unique characters typical of the Mazzonian project. The right routing for the enhancement of HUBs central railways for Sicily and beyond.