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Our work so far > Roads & Highways
Road Cosenza-Sibari – Inter. A3- S.S. 106 bis National


Ativa S.r.l.


Detailed design and Engineering services during construction


Cosenza – Italy


Detailed design and engineering services during construction for the Road Upgrading Project of the Connection Road between Cosenza and Sibari – Section from the interchange with A3 at Tarsia exit to the S.S. 106 bis National Road. The alignment’s design included segments of new road to replace the old ones in order to improve mobility. These segments were linked with segments of the preexisting road, which were rehabilitated and widened. The design for the project includs roadway, pavement and signage design, tunnel, steel and pre-stressed concrete bridgesand other minor works. The road crosses an environmentally sensitive areas and the most important river of the region, river Crati. Several environmental protection measures have been implemented to meet the environmental and social commitments made during project development.