Our work so far > Railway Stations
Our work so far > Railway Stations
Belluno Station






Belluno – Italy


2022 - 2023
The objectives behind the Belluno station project are the rehabilitation, maintenance and restoration of the passenger building, with the recovery of the original volumes and monumentality original facade; to make the station accessible in particular by raising the sidewalks and the insertion of elevators for access to the platforms from the underpass and upgrading the existing stairs to comply with TSI regulations; upgrading the former building of the bocce court in a severe state of disrepair to create an area dedicated to a velostation, bike sharing and small workshop; the restyling of the underpass and the improvement of its points of access; the arrangement of the pedestrian areas outside the station to recreate a space of urban quality. Overall, one of the main objectives is to enhance the role of the railway station because of its architectural quality and the representativeness it holds as a "gateway" to the historic city for those who reach it by train.