Our work so far > Railway Stations
Our work so far > Railway Stations
San Michele New Train Stop






San Michele - Italy


2022 - 2023
The architectural project of the new stop is developed following some guiding and inspiring principles. The transfiguration of natural lines into architecture is one of the first design principles applied to the design of the San Michele stop. The transfiguration of the natural line into terrain is represented by the tectonics of the project; the Travelers Building is characterized by its linear roof, which represents the natural ground transposed into an architectural element. The architecture of the new San Michele stop follows the logic that distinguishes the natural context of the area subject to intervention, transforming them into inspiring principles for the development of the architectural parts as a whole. The San Michele stop is made up of a fundamental design element, a linear roof which has the function of covering the PV and at the same time covering the platform. This design element is designed as a single line, which follows the horizon, running parallel to the railway line. The roof is made up of an iron structure, covered with solid aluminum panels. The coloring takes up the tones of the "cortèn steel-like" color tone, which becomes the theme of the project, continuing in the development of the facades and interiors.