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Our work so far > Railway Stations
Benevento Station






Benevento – Italy


The main objective of the project is to transform the station from an infrastructure serving travelers to an urban and attractive place, consistent with its location within the city, the focal point of the long Viale Principe di Napoli that connects the station to the historic center.The idea is therefore to make the station a new center for the Rione Ferrovia district, through a targeted re-functionalization project that is able to make it no longer just a place of transit for travelers but a real nodal pole for the city of Benevento. For this reason, even the station square should no longer be merely a place to cross but a space for meeting and socializing.The project as a whole involves several interventions ,the rearrangement of the square in front of the station both from the point of view of architectural - functional, and of accessibility and viability; the re-functionalization and architectural upgrading of the Passenger Building ; the rearrangement of the external areas pertaining to the Passenger Building together with the platforms and shelters; and the rearrangement and adaptation of the underpass.