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Ongoing Project in Piacenza

The inspection for the Superintendence regarding the pavements of the restyling project for #Piacenza #Station has been completed. 🚉

The planned works for the new appearance of the station are diverse and encompass a series of improvements, including the elevation of platforms to facilitate boarding and disembarking from trains, enhancement of signage, redevelopment of pedestrian underpasses, construction of new stairs and elevators, as well as the expansion of canopies. Additionally, interventions aimed at enhancing the station’s functions and improving seismic safety are in the program.

This ambitious restyling project is part of the modernization plan for Italian stations by Italian Railway Network, aiming to optimize accessibility and promote a cutting-edge intermodal environment. 🌐

For further details on the restructuring project of Piacenza station, I invite you to consult:

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