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Ticket Office Opening – Villa San Giovanni

The works for the new temporary ticket office, replacing the existing one for #BluJet, the company of the #Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A. that manages passenger ferry services in the Strait of Messina with 32 daily crossings, have been completed.

Due to its temporary nature, the ticket office consists of nine prefabricated modules specially designed and coupled to create a single building housing the ticket office, its related office, a waiting room, and restroom facilities. Its construction has contributed to improving the reorganization of pedestrian and vehicular flows, ensuring accessibility and use of the existing connection between the railway station and the boarding docks.

The intervention was carried out while waiting for the completion of Phase 2, which involves the redevelopment and refunctionalization of the entire interchange station complex between the Railway Service and the Maritime Service.

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