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“New Green Hub” – Bari Centrale

The “#GreenHub” at Bari Centrale is finally the subject of the tender announced by Italian Railway Network. The project, conceived by the winner of the 2013 international competition “Baricentrale,” in which the renowned landscape architect Andreas Kipar contributed, has come to light thanks to funds from the #Pnrr.

After a lengthy process of dialogue between RFI and the Municipality of Bari, we have managed to create the Technical and Economic Feasibility Plan, integrating the station into the complex city mobility system, making it a “Hub” for sustainable mobility.

The new Hub includes works for urban reconnection and #sustainable #mobility, along with a new elevated urban park and the renewal of external areas. Furthermore, it will provide users with faster and safer access to the railway system through the optimization of the intermodal system.

Here is the link for more information about #Bari #Centrale #Station:

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