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Findings in Pompeii

An imposing banquet hall with elegant black walls decorated with mythological subjects inspired by the Trojan War has just been found: this is one of the rooms brought to light during ongoing excavation activities in insula 10 of Pompeii’s Regio IX and now fully visible in all its majesty…

There is an increasing need to activate a direct link to Pompeii, and that is what we are doing with RFI. With them, we designed the new HUB in Pompeii aimed at creating an interchange between the Naples – Salerno line, which is part of the program to improve connections between the networks and are functional in enhancing interchange with a view to reducing overall travel time. The intervention aims to increase accessibility to the excavations through infrastructural upgrades and the construction of a new RFI stop, improve accessibility for the archaeological area and RFI/EAV intermodality.

Here to read more info about the findings:

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