Our work so far > Railways Infrastructures
Our work so far > Railways Infrastructures
Saudi Landbridge Railway Project – Section 2 – 271-1260 km


Italferr S.p.A.


Engineering services for preparation of Concept design and Preliminary design


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The Saudi Landbridge Railway Project consists of a circa 1300 km railway line linking Jeddah with the existing Riyadh and Dammam railway networks. It is intended to be a mixed freight and passenger non-electrified railway line. Design speed is 350km/h for passenger trains and 160km/h for freight trains. During the Concept phase, Coding provided engineering services for the study of the corridor, for the design of the alignment and of all civil works along the “Blue Corridor”, from km 271 to km 1300. During the Preliminary Phase Coding performed the engineering services for preparation of design of the section, 640 km long, from km 271 to junction for Riyadh city.