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Inspection of the Metro C Construction Sites.

🏗️ We are fresh from visiting three construction sites of Line C, of the Rome Metro, the new stations at Piazza Venezia, Colosseum and Porta Metronia, three of the largest and most ambitious infrastructure projects in recent years in Italy! As design collaborators on the Piazza Venezia and Porta Metronia stations, we are excited to share with you some snapshots from our visit at the Line C construction sites.

The Piazza Venezia station involves a massive excavation, supported by reinforced concrete diaphragms, which respects and protects the surrounding archaeological heritage. The excavation represents a major engineering challenge: a 45-meter deep station will be built, with perimeter walls retaining the excavation reaching a depth of 85 meters.

The Porta Metronia station , located between San Giovanni and Colosseum Fori Imperiali, is another milestone in this project. The 121×30m² excavation is supported by diaphragms of 1.2m thickness and 45m length, with five slabs laid during excavation by top-down technique, respecting the adjacent Aurelian Walls and archaeological findings for an area of as much as 1,750 square meters.

We are proud to have contributed to projects that represent major engineering, archaeological and urban mobility challenges for the city of Rome. We will continue to work with dedication and passion to advance this vision and offer innovative solutions for the city’s future.

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