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Hydromill at Piazza Venezia

🚇 In Rome, we are witnessing an epic transformation before our eyes!

In Piazza Venezia, the beating heart of the Eternal City, the most beautiful and innovative subway station in the world takes shape. It is not just a transit point, but a true architectural masterpiece and an extraordinary engineering challenge. We wanted to point you to this excellently produced video by the City of Rome, in which Mayor Roberto Gualtieri takes us inside the construction site and explains in detail the work in progress, the work to be done.

He starts by telling us about the ‘hydromill, but what is it and how exactly does this amazing tool work? Europe’s largest at 180 tons, built specifically for this site, is a machine that is used to create diagrams. He is currently working at an excavation depth of 85 meters underground in Rome to install perimeter diaphragms, providing the stability needed for the station of the future. The hydromill also excavates the earth by mixing water and bentonite, ensuring soil stability during excavation.

We are proud to be a part of this project and hope to soon complete this project, which is much more than just a transit point: it will be a real museum station, where history, art, innovation and modernity come together in one experience.

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